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Context is Key

Sep 13, 2022

I want to talk to you a little bit about "context" and why it's more important than grammar. 

If you understand the context of a situation you can mentally break down the vocabulary that you may or not hear in the situation in your native language. Whether you can translate that vocabulary to the target language is another story. Understanding the context of a situation allows you can determine whether you know the words you need to know or you need to study some more! 

In this video, I give an example using a clip from a technique I was transcribing with a word that I can't understand, but it's meaning is clear either way. 

If it was a normal conversation I might have just ignored the word because the message was received, but since I was creating subtitles, I had to reach out to Lael to nail it down.

That interaction with Lael to create content for this course is how I improve my own language skills on a daily basis! 

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